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In the fast lane with Bevan

For many of us, playing sports was an essential part of our childhood and teen years, bringing together fun, friendships, healthy competition, and physical fitness. Sports ignite passion, and for the residents in our home, watching games, discussing sports, or participating in exercise activities is a true highlight.

In light of the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics, Narangba Aged Care resident, Bevan Roberts, shares with us his passion for swimming and his journey teaching others how to swim.

‘I had to learn to swim at Uni,’ says Bevan. ‘I was then able to teach children to swim. The children who became really good swimmers I would then take to the Royal lifesaving. I also did swimming club activities in other schools and examined the swimmers.’

Bevan tells us that he was also the first physical education teacher at Wavell Heights Primary School and was the driving force behind creating its own swim club. ‘I went on to do instructing for swimming teachers to teach swimming,’ he says.

Bevan worked at the Royal Lifesaver Swimming which took him on a unique path to become the QLD Chief Examiner for Royal Lifesaving. He tells us that he was involved in implementing new changes to government regulated swimming manuals and ensuring these changes were enforced throughout the state. He also shares that he became a lecturer on swimming at the same university that he learnt to swim at. ‘I also wrote a book for teachers to utilise as a resource material on swimming,’ he says.

When asked about a special memory he has from his swimming days, Bevan tells us that meeting Prince Phillip at an awards night was a highlight.

Now at the age of 89 and living at Narangba Aged Care, Bevan enjoys attending some of the exercises offered here at our home. ‘I enjoy trying all the exercises we have on offer at Narangba Aged Care,’ he says. ‘I do have difficulties with some of the routines due to health and mobility but give it my best anyways.’


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